My current hair routine

I recently changed my hair routine after using Shea Moisture for six long years. They were always my go to products and I lived by them and I still suggest them, especially for people who are starting their transition.

2019 for me was a year of trial and error. I put my hair through so many products so I could find a new hair routine because I decided it was time to change up my products. After countless of fails, I would always return to Shea moisture because for me, they were my holy grail products. However, after realising that I should pay more attention to my hair, and not only preach this to my clients, I decided to focus more on the ingredients of hair products so that I could really find something that works well for me.

I used to use a mousse in my hair when I was 15, but honestly it wasn’t that great and I found that curly hair products back then were limited and not as effective. I always found a mousse to be drying and, excuse me, but who even wanted their hair feeling like cardboard? I discovered Shea Moisture when I was 16/17, when their products weren’t even being sold in the UK yet. I can’t remember the website name, but I would buy my products online and, as you can imagine, I was so happy when they arrived to UK stores a few years later.

I was walking in Boots and came across John Frieda and thought to myself, now there’s a line I haven’t used in ages. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner from the dream curls line, along with the curl defining créme and the mousse. Safe to say, when I finally got the hang of using these products, I fell in love with how they made my hair look and feel! Mousse no longer had a bad reputation in my books.

John Frieda Dream Curls line – Curl defining créme and mousse

The créme is so soft and not at all sticky or heavy. The mousse is velvety soft and these products combined work so well for my hair. My curls are left feeling nourished, they look hydrated, defined and they’re soft, which is something I love as it means my curly hair can move around freely.

My hair usually does need a lot of product so it did take me a good while to find the best way to use these products, but it was really nice to see that after persevering with them, I got the results I wanted. I also had a lot of volume, which is always a plus for me.

If you have given these products a go, I would love to know what your opinions of them are because If I were writing this blog a couple months ago, my opinion would be completely different.

Here are some images of my hair, right after fluffing my hair out, with no filters. What do you think of the results?

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I hope you all have a lovely day,


Eleni x

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