Hello, Hola, Yassou!

They say first impressions count, so let me introduce myself!

I’m your average 23 year old, curly haired girl. I started my hair transformation 6 years ago after the constant nagging from my parents that I have lovely curls and should look after them and wear them natural!

I started working in a hair salon when I was 17, on the weekends and then after A-levels decided to go into it full time and learn to become a hairstylist. Safe to say, I trained and obtained my qualification and started working on the shop floor. During this time, I came across many curly girls that would always complement my hair and ask me for advice. I never used to love my hair as the trend has always been to have straight/wavy hair. So getting compliments on my hair really gave me the confidence to see my curls as a blessing.

I’ve tried so many products out and still continue to try new products and find new ways to keep my hair healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad hair days where my hair just does not want to cooperate with my hair products and it doesn’t matter what I do, or what I use, or even go back to my “holy grail” product, my hair will fight against me.

I want to share my routine and what I enjoy to use in my hair and hopefully, somewhere along this journey, I can help some of you beautiful people out there!

Come and say hi on my Instagram: @elenikapriss

Let’s build something together.

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